Have you ever wonder how technology and lending converge to each other? Well, this kind of thing is called Online Loan. This type of loan is definitely fast, easy and convenient for the borrowers engaged in the lending industry. However, a lot of people do not know the benefits of applying online, because there are still some speculations that it is still the same thing as the regular process.

Here are some practical benefits when you are into online loan:

Time efficient

Being in the lending industry means timing is everything. You want it fast and convenient without sacrificing any proposition on your errands or business. Online loan gives you an opportunity to save time because all information is already provided on the online platform created for the people who want to apply for a loan. It was also made easier because you just need to fill-up necessary information which will be sent to a loan agent designated in a lending company such as Licensed Moneylenders in Balestier.


Information is a crucial part of a loan process because it provides you the amount you are going to pay to finish your debt, and also to keep you safe in any hidden charges. In any business you are engaged to, transparency is always a good quality and benefit to borrowers. As for example Licensed Moneylenders in Balestier, they provide all information necessary to gain your trust and maintaining this kind of process, also maintain the relationship between the company and its stakeholder. The lending company makes sure that all amount negotiated and discussed is the same thing during the repayment method. How does this connect? It gives you a fast transaction which can produce a fast information regarding the cost of the payment you need to finish your debt.

Product Support

A reputable and high performing lending company, such as Licensed Moneylenders Balestier, gives you a desirable kind of loan that is why lenders have created different products or plans that would make sure an ideal loan beneficial for you, and of course, favorable also to the company itself. Even though lenders have a business ambiance around them, they will always listen and give you support by providing you different kind of solutions fit for your need, but with the online platform, you can choose what plan or product fits you.

Online loan gives you a wonderful opportunity to use your time extensively and conveniently

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Contrary to popular advice, side hustling is many times better than frugality. It’s not bad to be frugal once in a while, but you shouldn’t take it to the extreme. Side hustling, on the other hand, has a large room for improvement and possibilities. There are very few limitations – you can take up a side hustle and transform it into a successful business. Success or failure will only depend on every action you take.

Side hustles can improve your life. Here are a few suggestions to get you pumped.

Web Design

Web design is a very profitable side hustle and highly competitive as well. The demand for beautiful and responsive websites is high, especially now that many online businesses are booming. If you’re worried that you don’t know how to code, there are hundreds of free websites that can teach you the basics. Give or take – you can learn the skill in under a year. From there, you can start hunting for web design projects.

Online Coaching

There are lots of online coaches nowadays. Many people take this path because of its income potential. A successful online coach can earn six figures every month, but the road is long. You have to start small and build your reputation along the way. Also, you need to be creative in your services. What problems do you intend to solve? Answer this question honestly and build your online coaching hustle around it.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance or VA became highly in demand because of the online revolution. Telecommuting is also favorable to many people, especially career builders who are juggling one or two jobs. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is not easy because you have to train really hard. However, the payoffs are huge.

Do you have any other ideas for side hustling? By all means, write them down and create a standard plan. Get to work and let those ideas come to life.

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If you are considering growing your money, investing it is the best option. However, you need to be smart and wise before putting your money on it.

We rounded up four investment options to help you begin your journey to investing world.

Here are our top choices:

Stock Market

Traditionally, the stock market is one of the popular options to invest your cash. It may be a bit risky because it deals with financial markets that fluctuate constantly but it yields many financial returns.

You can try the “dollar cost averaging”, the strategy of investing small sums of money over time. You can decide whether you will do it in 12 months, 18 months, or three years. The idea is to buy more shares when the financial market is low and buy fewer shares when it is high.

Real Estate

Aside from buying a physical property and sell or rent it to earn profits, there are other ways to put your money in real estate.

One of them is investing your money in real estate notes. You invest in someone’s real estate projects and earn an interest or dividend for the money you invested.

There are also companies that purchase commercial properties and offer investors to put small sums of money. In return, you will regularly receive a share of profit.

Money Lending

It is also called peer-to-peer lending. There are lending platforms where investors put up their money and lend it to people who need cash. Your investment is split up into small increments, depending on the amount of loan applied. You earn 5-7 percent profit from the

Invest in You

You are your biggest asset. You are the one making the money, so invest in yourself to earn more. There are plenty of ways to invest in your personal development. It includes reading a lot of business-related books or leadership books, enroll in an online course, get a
personal coach to steer you up the ladder of career and personal success, and go back to school to get your Master’s degree.

Investing is the best way to double your money and increase your personal worth. Start now and reap the profits!

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